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Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission & vision for fallstown baptist

Fallstown Baptist Church was formed in 1983 by a group of people that had a desire to serve the Lord. That original vision has not changed in 39 years. Now God has given Fallstown a more specific direction. Our mission statement can explain this direction. We are to exalt the Lord, equip the saints, and evangelize the world. Each part of this statement is important to every believer in our church!

As we exalt the Lord, we are serving Him with our worship. Many Christians have discovered that it is easier to serve after you have experienced true worship. Every time that we meet, our goal is to express our heart felt desire to worship the Lord. We want to worship Him for who He is, not for just what He does for us.

A vital part of our growth is training through Bible study and personal growth sessions. As we equip the saint, we are teaching scriptural truths that build a healthy spiritual life. A strong spiritual life creates strong homes and families. We are concerned with the health of our families in every part of our lives.

One of our greatest concerns is reaching the unchurched and unsaved for Christ. Jesus was involved in the lives of people. We are to do the same. Evangelism is to be done in many ways. Most people are brought to Christ by relationships. We are a church that is reaching out to a community. Through our many mission outreaches here at home, as well as overseas, we are attempting to do our part to evangelize the world.

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